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  • Why is Social Pay Me closed to new users?

    Social Pay Me is currently in dispute with Facebook for a policy violation. The upshot of this is that the Facebook element of our service no longer works. Until further notice new registrations to the service have been suspended.

    Social Pay Me is currently conducting a review of it's viability.

  • Why is there a charge to my credit card from Social Pay?

    We have been contacted on numerous occasions regarding unsolicited credit card charges to a person's account from a company with a similar name to ours.

    The 'Social Pay Me' website service does not take any payments whatsoever and does not have a mechanism to do so. The pay bit of the service is actually payment by means of a social share on Twitter and the service is free to use. Any transactions on your credit cards or to your bank account that imply they are from our site are not and if you don’t recognize the charge I recommend you contact your bank or credit card provider as soon as possible as these transactions may be fraudulent.

  • What can I use Social Pay Me for?

    Anything that you can put up on-line and link to can be traded for the price of a Tweet. You host the item so our service doesn't care about the file's type or size.

    For a whole range of ideas, from eBooks to software to printable coupons, please check out the product ideas on our homepage.

  • How does Social Pay Me work?

    The Social Pay Me platform provides a mechanism for revealing a download link to something of value in return for a successful Tweet. This is achieved by creating a social payment button through our service that you embed into your website HTML code.

    Clicking on a Social Pay Me button takes the user to our website where they are presented with a custom post dialog form which they use to craft a Twitter post about you, your free gift, business or website (using a sample post you provide if they choose to).

    After a successful post has been made, Social Pay Me displays a link to the content you are selling for the price of a social share.

  • What is the benefit of using Social Pay Me

    If you have something of value that can be downloaded from the internet free of charge then why not make that freebie work a little harder for you and help virally spread the word about your products, services, business or website?

    By allowing access to your content through a social media share your are exposing your business and offer to the friends and followers of the person posting. In turn these friends and followers may choose to download your freebie with a post to their social media streams or timelines, getting you even more exposure. This is what is meant by viral marketing.

    Social Pay Me is a convenient free way to market your business, get traffic to your website, boost your search engine rankings through greater social comment and create a buzz around your brand.

  • What social networks does Social Pay Me use?

    Only Twitter right now. There are no current plans to add any more social networks.

  • I've forgotten my password

    On the 'sign in' page look for the link below the 'remember me' checkbox that says 'forgot password' and simply click it. You will be taken to a form that asks for your registered email address. Enter your email and click the 'Get Password' button. You will then receive an e-mail. Please follow the instructions in that e-mail.

  • What languages does Social Pay Me support

    Currently Social Pay Me supports English, Portuguese, German and Spanish on the payment pages. However, the main website and user dashboard areas only support the English language.

    If you want to see the payment pages appear in your language and are willing to translate them for us (gratis) then please drop us a line. The translation file isn't very big and consists of about 20 or so phrases and sentences.

  • Is Social Pay Me really free?

    Yes, currently the Social Pay Me platform is free to use and there are no plans yet to create a premium service. The basic service, as offered right now, will always be free.

  • How many social payment buttons can I create?

    All accounts are limited to the creation of 5 button campaigns. This means you can create buttons for up to 5 downloadable products or items. In the register user's dashboard area you can always edit existing buttons or delete buttons you no longer require if you reach the 5 button limit.

    It is your responsibility to remove button codes from your website(s) when you choose to delete a button from our system. Once deleted, the corresponding button on your web page will no longer function correctly.

  • I'm trying to get a product through Social Pay Me and I can't get access

    It is important for you to realise that Social Pay Me does not host any product or item files on its servers. Users of our platform provide us with a download link only, which our system displays to a third party user after a successful social share. In order to protect the rights of registered users of our platform, under no circumstances can we disclose this download link to anyone outside of the normal user path through our service. Any issues with obtaining a product should be taken up with the vendor directly even if our service is to blame for non delivery.

  • Sharing Twitter doesn't work

    Unfortunately problems do occur with our platform. Social Pay Me is totally reliant on Twitter. Occasionally they will change code at their end which will affect the smooth running our service. I do try and keep across such changes in advance and modify our platform accordingly but sometimes something will break without my knowledge.

    In the worst case scenario a social network may have placed a restriction or block on our app. This has major implications for Social Pay Me as it usually breaks the posting element of our service rendering it ineffective in its purpose. It is also a difficult and time consuming position to recover from as it usually involves a fix followed by an appeal process. Remember though that Twitter is not immune to service outages and technical difficulties - not all issues connecting to a social network will be down to the Social Pay Me service. However, if you are experiencing continued issues using our service on a particular social network then please report it to me using the form below.

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Support Policy

Social Pay Me is a free service with limited resources. While I will endeavour to help you as much as I can please use the FAQ as your first port of call for support.

Please contact me if you your question is not answered here and I'll try my best to answer it. I welcome feedback, praise or otherwise, and any issues you encounter with the service.

While I will note feature requests I cannot guarantee that they will be implemented in future updates.

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